20 koláží, ktoré vyrážajú dych. Dostanú ťa svojou surreálnou atmosférou a vtipom

Umelec kombináciou zdanlivo nesúrodých prvkov tvorí fascinujúce obrazy.

Zdroj: Stephen McMennamy / instagram.com

Stephen McMennamy je talentovaný výtvarný umelec, ktorý sa zameriava na koláže. Svoju tvorbu zverejňuje na rôznych sociálnych sieťach a získal si veľké množstvo fanúšikov. Jeho diela sú postavené na kreatívnej kombinácii odlišných elementov, vďaka čomu výsledný obrázok získava príjemne vtipnú či surreálnu atmosféru.

Tá uchváti nepochybne aj teba. Pripravili sme pre teba výber 20 koláží z portfólia tohto nadaného umelca.



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hose + waterfall I may or may not be in a 4th grade parents orientation, so we’re all gonna pretend this is some pressing work business that needs my immediate attention. If you keep reading, just know you’re in it now. If I get in trouble, we all get in trouble. Let’s begin… This is a three year old #tbt and very much a family affair. Okay, roll call: Playing the part of the hand is my beautiful hand model wife @lmcm2 (who also doubles as a face model). The dude holding my daughter is my brother in law, aka: Uncle Bryan… and pulling up the rear is my youngest daughter isla. This definitely goes down as one of my more memorable shoots. I’ll spare you the details, but everyone pulled it together to make it happen. It was plagued by logistical challenges, technical challenges and physical challenges. My brother in law definitely got the short end of the stick, as he was the one that had to stand in that water the longest. I can’t speak to the actual feeling of how cold that water was, but I know Bryan and Isla talk about it to this day. Not fondly. More in a PTSD sort of way. Headline: sounds like it was pretty cold. And though my oldest (@ab.anna_belle) didn’t appear in the final image, she worked behind the scenes keeping everyone in line (as she’s prone to do). Oh and there was a run-in with a Bear, but the aforementioned 4th grade orientation is over and I’m walking out of here. I really don’t think anyone noticed so I think we’re cool. Let’s save the bear story for when I post this again three years from now. See you guys in 2022. #combophoto

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milk + rope (2.0) If you go deep into the #combophoto archives you’d find a very similar milk + rope execution, but for some reason, as I was assembling this thing, I managed to completely forget that the aforementioned kissing cousin combo even existed. To be fair, this one started out as something a little bit different, but in the fine tuning process, circumstances and limitations led to my own cannibalistic plagiarism. I’m not a big fan of plagiarism, but when it’s something you can resolve between you and yourself, I’m pretty cool with it. What’s not cool is how many fellow instagrammers have been getting ripped off lately… and it’s being done in the most blatant of ways. There’s no question, it’s theft. I’ve tagged a few people affected by the most recent wave of thievery, but we are merely drops in the big ol’ bucket of intellectual property theft that’s happening out there. I fully believe accidents happen, similarities occur, coincidences abound, but cases like these can’t be ignored. I really hope we can all continue to support the countless artists out there that depend on their craft for survival. You guys support the shit out of me and I couldn’t be more appreciative, but I need to put that in context so you understand what I mean. I’ve been ripped off six ways from Sunday (look it up) and it hurts almost every time. It’s bothered me to the point that I don’t want to be on Instagram anymore, but recently I realized that chasing that anger and frustration sweetens the pot for the plagiarist and it becomes a tremendous waste of MY time and energy. I’m not surrendering to the crime, but I also know it poisons my creative well. I have way more work that I want to create and the only way I’m able to do that is to keep my eyes off of the rear-view mirror. That could all change the next time someone sends me one of those crappy @capitalone ads. But here’s the deal, you guys continue to keep me in check and you bring me a lot more positivity than I deserve… that’s why I’m still here. ⚡️♥️⚡️

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my kid + flower Ahhh, spring, a time of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings… (Hold that thought… I just realized that we should shift the calendar so the new year lands in the spring… unfortunately we have two hemispheres so scrap that idea. Thanks a lot, southern hemisphere. Sorry I was totally being a northern hemisphere elitist. Let’s just keep the calendar the way it is.) …as I was saying, rebirth, renewal and whatnot. So yeah, that’s nice and all, but spring also means trees and plants are aggressively barfing out copious amounts of pollen. which I’ll just point out is plant sperm, so if your sinuses feel uncomfortable (like mine)… it’s because the plant world is trying to impregnate us. Aaaaaaaaanyway, here’s a past #combophoto to celebrate spring (and new beginnings), and if you’re trapped indoors hiding from all those sex crazed plants, please accept this hypoallergenic photo as a modern means in which you can enjoy the beauty of spring. Ahhhhhhhhh… SPRING! (gesundheit).

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tree trunk + elephant trunk I've been wanting to do something with an elephant for a while now, but two things happened with that, I never felt like I had a super solid idea and I don't have access to elephants. Like ever. Cut to me in the Bahamas over thanksgiving and I couldn't help but notice how a lot of the palm trees grew low out the ground and every one of them looked like an elephant head… to me anyway. So that's what rattled around in my head and it quickly led to me obsessing over how to find a way to combine the two. And though I prefer to shoot these #combophotos myself, I also knew my elephant access was super limited. So rather than booking a flight to Africa I went online trying to find the perfect elephant. Which I did and what I found just so happened to work perfectly. This beautiful elephant image was captured behind the lens of Jez Bennett, a phenomenal nature photographer based in Zimbabwe. Huge thanks to Jez and please check out more of his work at… jezbennett.com And a final thanks to the world wide web for being so world wide.

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46 balloons + chairlift 🎈🚡 perhaps the most impractical/fun chairlift ever? once again, balloons proved to be the usual pain in the butt. I kept an eye on the weather for a while before getting the ideal conditions of clear skies and low wind. on meteorological paper you could say I got both, but the slightest breeze wreaks all sorts of havoc on balloons. what you see here was an early (and fortuitous) shot, by the end of this brief, early morning shoot, strings were tangled up like one big balloon dreadlock. check out the wind blown twisted mess over on @combophotofail. I started with 50 balloons and a small helium tank… only four popped during their transport from my kitchen to my favorite parking deck, hence the 46. R.I.P. 🎈🎈🎈🎈. oh and between us, I yell at balloons almost every time I shoot them. yell like a crazy person. not a fan. I fell better now. #combophoto @jasonsmithatl, I started down the helicopter path based on your suggestion, but this is where I ended up. I tried.

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selfie stick + syringe 📱💉 digital or analog? pick your poison. notes: this is my first foray into the selfie stick arena… unfortunately it was more fun than I expected (for a minute at least). another first, tracking down syringes. which ended up being pretty interesting/educational. in typical #combophoto fashion I learned something new on this one. no need to get too deep into it, I'll just say the needle procurement game is pretty messed up. as for the final photo, the execution ended up being way more complex that I expected. figuring out angles and perspectives and focal points and what not. I took two and a half concerted stabs to get here. stab number 2 is over on @combophotofail. I like it, but it ended up with one too many OCD related issues that I couldn't reconcile with (thus being relegated to page 2).

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flower + umbrella WARNING: buckle up, there's a lot of words below. It's April showers season, so here's a spring inspired #combophoto, which my daughter's were gracious enough to pitch in and help on. I'm sure I've subjected them to worse modeling scenarios, but the little one definitely stepped up and made it happen… and the older one got behind the camera so I didn't have to act like a contortionist for once. asking either of my kids to stand frozen for longer than a second is no easy task (especially right before bed), but my youngest was hell bent on making sure we got the shot… and I love that. this started with a handful of test shots a few weeks ago (which I'll put up on @combophotofail (and a hand holding the flower version which lost in a vote)), but we took our sweet ass time tweaking it until we finally landed here. The combined images were taken at dusk on blue sky days, but with the help of a garden hose and some heavy shade we were able to transform it into a rainy day. isla's outfit is courtesy of @target, but Target isn't involved in this post so when I say "courtesy", I mean they were courteous enough to stock those items so I could purchase them. a few other notes… I went through 128 individual flowers to land on the one you see above. It turns out flowers are far less symmetrical that I ever could've imagined. And in the spirit of bringing our seemingly divided world a little closer together, the bottom image was taken on my Sony A7r ii and the top image was taken on a Canon 5D mark III (thank you @joshdweiss). Sony + Canon… World peace doesn't happen overnight, but it's a step in the right direction. @lmcm2, enjoy your 128 pink and purple flowers ❤️.

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hand + legs #tbt to that time I got all Dr. Frankenstein with my wife’s hands and legs. As I’ve said before, I get a ton of help on a lot of my hair brained ideas and @lmcm2 is no exception. No matter the creative endeavor, she’s always had my back and she’s always willing to pitch in to lend a hand, or fingers, or feet, or legs. Her contribution is obviously much greater than the lending of appendages to my lens. It’s easy to stand frozen while you legs cramp up and your body starts trembling from holding in one place for what must feel like an eternity. What’s not easy is making sacrifices in your daily life just to enable someone you love to chase the thing that makes them happy. If you’re still reading this and you’re not my wife… buzz off. But Lisa, if you’re still reading this (and you better be)… thank you for everything you do. I love you. Also, I just picked Isla up from gymnastics. Heading home. #combophoto

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Zdroj: Stephen McMennamy/instagram.com

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