Dedkovia, ktorí už teraz môžu byť módnymi ikonami

O starších pánoch sa zvykne tradovať, že nemajú zmysel pre módu. Títo páni by však mohli riadiť Vogue. Ale tak akosi po svojom.

Všeobecne platí, že móda a hlavne módne výstrelky nie sú doménou mužského pohlavia. Obzvlášť má údajne míňať práve starších pánov, ktorí si na svojom ošatení príliš nepotrpia. Výnimku tvorí snáď len Karl Lagerfeld a jemu podobní. Títo páni však majú chuť a odvahu ukázať svoje módne cítenie svetu.

Ich štýl sa môže zdať na prvý pohľad bizarný, ale je jedinečný. Väčšinou sa prezentujú na Instagrame ako @fashiondads, ale niektorí otcovia našli uplatnenie aj ako modeli na módnej prehliadke pod vedením komika Josha Ostrovskeho priamo na New York Fashion Week. Módny záber týchto oteckov je skutočne široký – od roztomilo škaredých vianočných svetrov až po vlastným telom vyrábané svetre a sexi zástery.

Budweiser, more like Studweiser amirite? 😏💁🏼🔥 Feeling so #blessed on this Christmas Day and wishing all my fellow fashionistas a very stylish celebration! I’ve been saving this stunning sweater especially for today, and have paired it with a classic pair of #VanHeusen black slacks and an understated gray collared blouse for a more structured look. I stood next to the tree for a extra splash of color, and take note of my flattering pose. You don’t have to be a seasoned #FashionBlogger to look like this — just stand tall and confident like the diva you are! 💃🏼Merry Christmas and #DillyDilly to all my fans and followers! 🍻 #OOTD #FestiveFashion #Studweiser #HolidayLooks #SweaterWeather #WhoWhatWear #MerryAndBright #BodyConfident #BlogLife #FashionDads via @atlfish

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Whoopsie, I’m a couple days behind on the Santa calendar but you can get away with anything when you look this good! 💁🏼🔥 I absolutely LOVE dressing festive for the holiday season and showing off some of my favorite trends. Cats are so hot right now, as are pom-poms, so this sweater could honestly not be more en vogue. 💃🏼 I added a little extra sass with this fashionable Santa hat, and while you can’t see them, you can rest assured I’m wearing my signature relaxed-fit Wrangler jeans and classic Nike Monarchs. 👟👟 Happy holidays, my fellow fashionistas! 😘🎅🏼 #OOTD #WhatIWore #FestiveFashion #HolidayLooks #ChristmasCouture #SantaSwag #SweaterWeather #WhoWhatWear #FashionBlogger #FashionDads via @_volere_bene

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The most stylish season is officially here! 🙌🏼😎 You guys know I LOVE #SpringFashion like no other — you can show off all your assets in chic, flirty outfits and you're not sweating through them. 💁🏼 Today I'm doing an ultra trendy look with a graphic tank top tucked into high-waisted #CargoShorts from #Aeropostale and a bold black belt. I just love a short that comes up to your natural waist; it accentuates your figure more than you realize! For footwear, I have taken my signature #CowboyBoots to the next level with a high navy sock to match my tank, and I am loving the results. And of course, to top it all off… fabulous #CowboyHat. Never underestimate the power of accessories! 👒 Happy spring, y'all! 🌞 #OOTD #StepIntoSpring #SeasonForStyle #CowboyCouture #ChicTrends #FashionBlogger #CargoLife #WhatIWore #FashionDads via @ejseigel

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Brrrr it's cold in here, there must be some fashion in the atmosphere! ❄️💅🏻 You guys know I love #WinterLooks and most of all…..LAYERING! 🙌🏼 When it's this cold, the more layers the better and a trendy winter coat is key, like this custom @canadagoose piece — yes they make denim jackets for celeb clients only (thanks Rihanna! 😉). Underneath, you'll see a chic chef's jacket and seersucker pinstriped pants (of course I'm wearing #Lulu leggings as my base layer for extra warmth and comfort). And to top it off, a stunning ski hat that truly has it all — fur flaps, fluffy pompom, AND sassy braids. I'm ready to brave the elements in style! #OOTD #LoveYourLayers #SnowStyle #CanadaGoose #DenimDiva #RiRi #FurOnFleek #FashionIcon #DressToImpress #FashionDads via @mtthwmcphrsn

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Hello to all my fans! I am SOOOO pleased to finally announce my collaboration with #FryeBoots!! I've had so much fun in this process… From the designing to the wildest photoshoot I've had to date (you know what you did @cdupreecomedy 😉). So with out further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my first pair of limited edition #CowboyBandals by Frye Designs! #BeachBoots 👙#BandalsAreTheNewMandals #Hot🔥Chaco #LifeIsGood 😀#WindsOutCornsOut💨🌽 #CountryBoyCouture 🌵🎍 #KidSock 👶🏼 #SunsOutBunionsOuts☀️ #FeetOnFleek 👆🏼#PediPartyForOne💅🏼 #ToesBeforeHoes (#DontTellMyWife) #SkyMallMillionaire #BootScootinSandals #LeatherLover #KeepYourCalvesWarm 🐮#ButLetYourFeetBreathe💨 #LivestockNBirkenstock 🐄🐃🐂🐈#SuckerForThunderRollsAndManicuredToes #FashionDads via @brasilianjess

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Strolling into the week in STYLE! 💃🏼💃🏼 I am so excited to show off this #StreetChic look as I jet off to Miami for a little business and pleasure. ✈️🌞 A lot of my fans have been asking me how to wear shirts with holes and I'm here to help! The key is to go full couture because only the top designers can get this look right — this is a distressed tee straight from the #Givenchy runway that you can never go wrong with. But I've paired it with a basic #Columbia short to let the blouse be the focus of the ensemble. As for accessories, I have a sturdy yet stylish belt to clip my passport on (#TravelHack!) and a bold cerulean ball cap that says "I'm ready for some fun in the sun!" 😊 My athletic footwear has me prepared for anything, and remember — always pair a white sneaker with a classic black crew sock! Cash me in South Beach! 😎 #OOTD #FashionBlogger #TravelStyle #AirportCouture #RunwayReady #MiamiHeat #SouthBeachStyle #SummerLooks #WhoWhatWear #FashionDads via @zachjlangston

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The wife told me to wear a jacket and tie…and I sure did!! 💁🏼 Just like my fashion idols #Riri and #Yeezy, I love to push the envelope for red-carpet events, and always end up turning heads. 💃🏼 Tonight I chose a sleek, blue-hued jacket and tie from #BrooksBrothers and paired it with something very chic but unexpected — a bright orange board short from #BodyGlove with fashionable but practical cargo pockets. Then I took this #StyleStatement one step further with a stunning sandal from the #FerragamoFather collection. 👡 I can't keep the paparazzi off of me! 💁🏼📸 #RedCarpetFashion #CelebStyle #YeezyVibes #HotHusbandAlert #AsLongAsIGotMySuitAndTie 👔 #Couture #RunwayReady #FashionDads via @kevinthompson33

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I know you #fashionistas have heard about @beyonce's new #activewear line #IvyPark and I am SO humbled she sent me some samples to try out before the big launch! 🔥These compression leggings are so #chic and flattering, and the #PufferZipUp is TO DIE FOR. ☠ She hasn't introduced #footwear yet, so in the meantime I'm wearing a pair of vintage #Adidads trainers to complete this stylish ensemble. 👟👟 I absolutely LOVE #athleisure looks because I can go to my #barre class then step straight out on the town without missing a beat! Thank you #QueenBey! 👸🏽🐝🐝🐝 #FitnessFashion #IvyParkLove #TopShop #SteppingOut #WeekendFlow #LeggingLove❤️ #LetMeUpgradeYou 💁🏻 #GetMeBodied #AllBlackEverything #BaeCaughtMePosing #FashionDads via @conorwashh

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