Mladá Švajčiarka svojimi fotkami zdôrazňuje, že instagram a realita sú dve rozdielne veci

Neradno si ich zamieňať…

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Instagram nie je realita. A realita nie je instagram. A hoci by nám to v tejto fáze malo byť už všetkým jasné, stále sa nájdu takí, čo si tieto dve diametrálne odlišné univerzá zamieňajú a všetkým tým dokonalým postom zobú z ruky. Preto padne vhod, keď im z času na čas niekto pripomenie, ako sa tie veci vlastne majú.

To robí aj Kim Britt, 26-ročná Švajčiarka, ktorá pod príznačným pseudonymom @the_truth_is_not_pretty ukazuje svojim sledovateľom, čo sa odohráva na pozadí každého z tých dokonalých príspevkov. Jej vtipné prirovnania k nej doposiaľ nalákali viac než 30-tisíc sledovateľov a na konci tohto príspevku pochopíš prečo.


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But first coffee☕😴 . I count to the people that first need a cup of coffee before they can do anything else, so it's not a surprise that in reality I'm not looking anything like the left photo while I drink my first cup😅 . It took me an hour and a good photographer to look like the left photo by the way😅. And let's be real, nobody acts like a woman from a hollywood scene, where they grap the shirt from their lover to sneek out of bed and make coffee in the morning perfectly styled😅 . What about you? Are you a coffee junkie as well or do you drink coffe at all?😃 . . Thanks to @kamal.azizoff 📸 who made the social media photo! . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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Little reminder that most people just share their best sides of themselves and that we all have days where we look different then what we post online.💛 . We take selfies when we feel good and mostly not when we're tired and have a period with bad skin without make up. . Everybody has flaws and that's something good! It would be so boring if we all had flawless skin, perfect hair and the same look all the time. . We are more than that. We are humans with flaws, and that's what makes us special. Don't think they are bad. We have good and bad days and none of them should be hidden. Embrace both sides, because that's what we are. 🧡💫 . . Would love to hear your opinios about "flaws"? 👇 . . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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[No edit on the body on both photos] . I've always avoided to be cross-legged in shorts, because I thought my thighs look too ugly then. Even when I was with friends I tried to sit in a way that I looked the skinniest possible. I was rather uncomfortable that looking "not good"… . Today I know that my body and in this case my thighs just look different when I sit and that's totally okay. Why should that even matter? Why did I focused so much on how parts of my body look like when I better should have a good time? . The size or shape of your body doesn't define your worthiness. People who truely love or like you don't care about this and neither should you! You're worthy just the way you are.🧡 . . . Feel free to tag somebody who needs this reminder or just save it for yourself🌿 . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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Modays are t̶h̶e̶ w̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ – for fresh starts!🌈 . Sorry to disappoint you, but this photo wasn't just a good snapshot 😆(I'm not such a good pitcher😅). To achieve a good photo with the paper airplane, my finance needed to stand on a chair and hold the plane on super thin threads so you no longer see it on the picture. 😜 . Who is able to make an paper airplane here🛩? I wasn't, this was also the job my fiance needed to do!😋 . Remember, mondays are just as bad as we make them. I used to hate mondays, but by now it's just another work day. Sure, I'd rather have a day off instead of going to work, but that doesn't mean that monday are more worse than tuesdays or wednesdays. It's all about your mindset and if you think positive or negative about it. It's up to you! 🧡 . See it as a new start with new opportunities instead of the end of the weekend. . How do you feel about mondays? Do you have a hard time to motivate yourself?☺️ . . Big thanks to @kamal.azizoff who implemented this picture idea. 📸 . . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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[No edit on the body on both pictures!] . There was a time where I lost a lot of weight. My goal was to be skinny. I wanted to have a flat tummy even when I sat. I didn't get that it's normal to have rolls then. I thought my tummy should be flat all the time. I was so focused on it, I started to just eat food, that didn't bloat my tummy. . I put so much time on thinking how I look and what I'm not allowed to eat, that I stoped living my life. All it was about was food. Thinking back makes me sad. It was such a waste of time. I will never have a flat tummy all the time and by now, I'm totally fine with it, because I know, I don't need one to be happy. This does not define me or my happiness. . Life is so much more than that and I'm worthy no matter how my body looks like, so are you! You see just one photo of somebody here, you don't know the story behind or how the person looks relaxed. You should love yourself no matter if you have one or ten rolls if you're relaxed. That simple doesn't matter. Life is here to enjoy! So stop compare yourself and focus on what makes you truely happy! You deserve to have the happiest life and it up to you to live it!🧡 . . . Feel free to tag a person who needs this reminder or just save it for yourself🌿 . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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People can pretend to be everything on social media, even if it's not true. . 》I could tell you that I do yoga three times a week. . 》I could tell you that I eat mostly super healthy. . 》I could tell you that I'm always feel comfortable in my skin. . 》I could tell you that I love myself truely. . I could tell you almost everything and you wouldn't know what is the truth and what's not. That's the thing. . We read or see posts online and automatically think they're true, this can even lead us to feel bad, because we think we're the only ones who fail sometimes or have struggles. . 》I can tell you that, I would love to do more sports, but I have a hard time to motivate myself. . 》I can tell you that I try my best to eat fresh and mostly food that gives my body the nutrients who it needs, but I mostly eat sweets or chips as a dessert. . 》I can tell you that I do accept my body and I don't have the hate like I used to have, but sure there are still days, where I don't feel that good in my body too. . 》I can tell you that I work on myself to love myself, but it's harder than it sounds. Selflove is a long process and I just started. You can't just say from know on I love myself. That's not how it works. . Everybody has the sides they don't like to share. We like to share our success and our happy moments, but life doesn't is just that. We fall and we stand up, we fail and learn from it and we try again. That's process and something good, so don't feel bad about it, because you don't see also the not so bright side from someone elses life. You do just fine. Trust me, nobody has their sh** together all the time, not even that yoga girl, or that mindset coach you're maybe following. We all live and we all are perfectly imperfect. . . Feel free to share this or just save it for yourself as a reminder💫 . . Feel huged🧡 . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃 . To be honest, I don't celebrate Halloween. Not because I wouldn't like it, it's just not that popular in switzerland🤷🏼‍♀️, but I love all the halloween make up looks that comes with this day😍 Eventhough it's a huge mess to remove it afterwards😅🙈 . What about you? Do you celebrate Halloween in your country? . What is or would be your costume for today?🧟‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️ . I just celebrated it once in San Diego and went as a vampire🤣🧛🏻‍♀️ . The left picture is from last year. I just hadn't the time, so I just made a quick make up to remove it again😅 #allforthegram . . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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Fall, my second favorite F Word🍁 . Well, if the weather would be just like on the left picture, sure, totally with you, but the reality is, that 9 out of 10 times, it just rains🌧 here in Switzerland and it's getting cold🥶. . Posing with a leafe, an absolut must picture here on Instagram😌👆, is just pretty when it's sunny and colorful. I needed to wait a week until I could do the left photo, because no one likes wet and brown leaves. 🍂🤷🏼‍♀️ . Are you already sick of those fall pictures here or do you like it? Do you like autumn at all?🤗 . Hope you can cozy up on those rainy days🧡 That's always the good side at fall season🤗 . . . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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