Mladá žena si vybudovala kariéru vďaka svojej malej chybičke krásy

Hlavné je sa z toho nepo*rať a nedostatky obrátiť na tú dobrú stranu

Harnaam Kaur je slečna (áno, slečna), ktorá má od svojich jedenástich rokov syndróm polycystických vaječníkov. Toto ochorenie spôsobilo nadmerný rast ochlpenia na celom tele (rovnako ako u mužov). Čím viac sa to Kaur snažila odstrániť, tým hrubšie chlpy rástli. V šestnástich rokoch sa pridala ku viere Sikhizmu. Jedným z pravidiel tejto viery je zákaz odstraňovania chlpov. Jej príbeh zaujal média a následne aj módny priemysel.

Momentálne je Kaur modelka, aktivistka v boji proti šikane, aktivistka v boji za pozitívne vnímanie vlastného tela, životná couchka a motivačná speakerka.

I call this one 'brown and boujee' Now on a more serious note, let's talk about mental health as it is mental health week. One in four people around the world have some sort of mental Heath illness that effects their quality of life. Now as someone who was diagnosed with depression by various doctors, I can tell you that living with a mental illness is one of the hardest things someone can do. It changes the way you live, the way you interact with people and loved ones, and it stops you from living life to your full potential. There are statistics through the roof that show the increasing number of suicides within men just because we over look the fact that men have emotional and mental needs too. We forget that our parents are growing older as we are, and that life is getting to them too. Or how about the young boys and girls in school who are being bullied, self harming and are looking to commit suicide. Mental health should never be taken lightly, it can either make us or break us. The societies expectation of us having to be strong all the time is one of the reasons why most people bottle their inner emotions up. I'm all about self love and spirituality, but even I sometimes have to shout out 'oh just fuck it!' because I'm not happy all the time, and even I have issues inside which I am still healing from. Depression, anxiety, self harming and being suicidal has been such a huge part of my life that sometimes my mind takes me back there when I'm at my lowest. How easy would it be to just slip back into my old ways when I'm at my most vulnerable. Our thoughts are strong, they can either make us or break us, so every time my mind wonders, I use the strength inside to look at the bigger picture, look at my life which has many beautiful colours just like in this picture. We forget to have real life conversations, we should be able to call up a friend and say 'I am not alright right now, I am not coping. I need help. Help me. Talk to me. What's going on internally right now is not something that I can deal with on my own!' ….(continued in comments)…. #mhaw17 #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthawarenessweek2017 #harnaamkaur

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„Rozhodla som sa nechať si svoju bradu ako krok proti spoločnosti a jej očakávaniu ako by mali ženy vyzerať. Dnes už nemám samovražedné nálady a neubližujem si. Dnes žijem ako šťastná mladá bradatá žena. Uvedomila som si, že toto telo je moje, patrí mi a iné telo mať nebudem, preto sa s ním musím naučiť žiť.“

Haven’t seen myself in a while Sometimes it’s hard to wake up. I can feel my face fold when I smile Tired hands put on my make up. Just a method actress playing on my mattress, Remembering what I know. Just another day for me to try and practice, Being your freak show. I’m mad and I’m sad, Too quiet too loud. Scandalous and not scared, I’m bad and I’m proud. I’m mad and I’m sad, I said it aloud! Sacred and not afraid, I’m bad and I’m proud! White man’s lust never paid my rent, Another day, another dad. Now it’s time to repent, I’m the best you’ve ever had! This is my skin light-filled brown and I’m not sorry, Baby, all I did was sit. You don’t know if you want to fuck me or destroy me, I’ll be your freak show for a bit! @workinhardmummy

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Sunday early morning when I left my friend's house in south London and got home at 6am, I was undressing in the bathroom and getting ready for bed. I still had my turban and make up on, but I was totally topless. Of corse I looked in the mirror and thought 'DAYAAMM B you look good! Your boobs look fab, I see you podgy part, you look squidgy and cute too!' I then stared deep into my own eyes and saw a powerful image. I saw my body in a way that I have never seen her before. What a special temple! I couldn't stop looking at her, I couldn't stop looking deep into my own eyes; I saw a powerful being, I felt an empowering energy with in my self! I was proud to be the woman that I was looking at in the mirror. It was odd because I was topless, but that topless image was power!

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