Zomrela mladá ilustrátorka, ktorej vďačíme za známe meme

Smutná správa šokovala tisícky fanúšikov Qinni.

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Život vie byť brutálne nespravodlivý a občas napíše poriadne kruté príbehy. Medzi ne určite patrí správa o tom, že Qinni, iba 29-ročná ilustrátorka z Kanady, podľahla na začiatku februára rakovine. Informoval o tom portál World of Buzz. Obľúbená umelkyňa mala státisíce fanúšikov po celom svete.

Asi najznámejším obrázkom, ktorý sme určite všetci videli, bol panáčik ležiaci v mláčke vlastných sĺz. V jednoduchosti spočíva genialita a s touto kresbou sa aspoň raz za čas vieme identifikovať všetci. Ilustrácia sa, samozrejme, stala veľmi populárnou v prostredí tvorby memes.

Qinni bola diagnostikovaná rakovina v decembri 2019. Lekári dávali umelkyni rok až rok a pol života. Žiaľ, bol to veľmi optimistický odhad. Choroba postupovala nečakane rýchlo a talentovaná ilustrátorka jej podľahla už 8. februára 2020. Státisíce fanúšikov boli po smrti Qinni zarmútení a smutnej správe nedokázali uveriť.

Fenomenálne portfólio zostane večnou pamiatkou na umelkyňu, ktorá odišla príliš skoro

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"Life, ever-flowing, over-growing" 🌱🌿 • • • I redrew a picture that I did during a pretty dark time. My heart disease eventually made it hard to even get up and go to the washroom without feeling pain in my chest and problems breathing. Of course, I'm much better nowadays after the surgeries, though I definitely don't exercise as much as I should 💦💦~ but I liked the way this turned out~~ a lot of people ask me why my stuff is sad every time I draw something melancholy, but to me it's just lethargic; it's weird cause no one ever seems to ask artists who only draws people smiling, why their characters are so happy all the time…? 😆~ but I digress. I think my stuff is getting happier nowadays 😝~ or at least more of a mix? Sorry, didn't mean to write so much @[email protected];;; • Anyways, I'm almost done my first playthrough of Persona 5 and will probably stop playing games for a bit before playing it again xD~ sorry for my absence 😅~

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[Fragile] ☔️ • • • Consider joining my $1 patreon? Link in my profile :3~ Haha a girl’s gotta try xD~ • Hey guys, long time no update here. Not feeling the best today, but at least last round of chemo went better than my first round so I will take it. I feel so tired and weak but I've never had such strong urge to keep drawing, so I might have pushed my body a little too far yesterday…. I've made a list of all these old artwork I want to redo for an artbook so I'm slowly working through that. Thanks for sticking around, I know I don't update nearly as much here…do you guys wanna see me take screenshots of my twitter updates and throw them up on my story? I don't know how many of you guys follow me on twitter or even use it haha. I just wanna keep this a clean gallery-like place where I talk about my health stuff in the comments xD~ Lemme know in the comments? • Not sure how much I'm making sense now, my chemo brain is still pretty bad haha, but yeah, thank you guys for all the support, seriously <3~ #illustration #artistsoninstagram #drawing

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🌓🌒🌑 🌑 • Funnily enough, i started the initial sketch for this before i came into the hospital..xD;; • Tl;dr: Im hospitalized again for this unknown heart disease and may need open heart surgery…for the 4th time….Grandfather also passed this weekend, so not a good pileup… • So…..it's been a while for those of you guys who don't follow me along on insta-story or twitter~ I've been hospitalized over a week ago due to an ongoing heart disease development. (Doc says it could be the same stuff that made my heart valve fuck up) Basically, one of my major heart valve has a 90% blockage from an abnormal tissue growth that's still ongoing and no one knows what's going on or what it is. It's apparently pretty dangerous where if the vein blocks completely, I'd probably die (or so the doctor says when I complained about being in the hospital hahaha). So it's pretty severe and the doctor wants me to prepare for another open heart surgery for a bypass to be put in, though I begged for them to try a stent first even if everyone's doubtful it'll work….i mean, stent is fairly non-invasive procedure, whereas open heart causes so much pain I've already been pretty traumatized from my last 3-in-a-row…..>__<;; Actually, my doctors have also suggested the possibilities of a heart transplant if they can't find a way to stop the growth and since the growth is only in my heart…but I really don't want to think about that…I'm so stressed out these days hahahaha…like, I'll just get waves of anxiety and heaviness in my chest, and palpitations…it doesn't help that my grandfather also just passed away a few days ago. what a terrible pile-on. Trying to be more positive though! Right now I'm in shitty limbo where I got to wait for procedures and tests to be scheduled and for the doctors to figure things out more from those results. For those of you guys who's seen my instagram stories and sent me messages, thank you lots. I'll probably keep twitter updated cause i'm too lazy to double-update on two social medias constantly. And thank you guys who bought me ko-fi 💕 Here's another cookie for making it this far~! Haha 🍪. Sorry for the rambling~ • #mood #sometimes #illustration

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