15 fotografií, ktoré dokazujú, že aj maminy majú občas nanič dni

Ale aj tak svoju úlohu rodiča zvládajú bravúrne.

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Byť matkou je neľahká úloha, pretože nie vždy ide všetko podľa plánu. Niekedy sa ani nenazdáš, a zrazu máš špagety na sedačke a chodíš si s holým zadkom po meste.

1. Táto mamička pravdepodobne neplánovala odprezentovať svoje pozadie širokej verejnosti, ale stalo sa

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• M U M F A I L S • 😂 We’ve all been there. Take them in your stride. Laugh out loud at their ridiculousness. Think of the joy you have probably brought to others (I’m sure many people laughed their socks off as i strutted around with my booty out). They may seem mortifying at the time, but trust me, you’ll laugh one day. May as well get the extra endorphins now 🙌🏻 (And remember they’re not really ‘fails’ – merely ‘moments’ 💃🏼) #mummoment #mumfailmonday #monday * * * * #mumfail #mumsofinstagram #instamum #mondaymotivation #mumhood #funny #brightbirthsmama #brightbirths #bepositive #mummyblogger #booty #positive #mondayfunday #mondaylove #laughoutloud #laugh #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #oops #haha #ohheymama #funnymummy #funnymoments #mum #mama #realmotherhood

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2. Alebo táto, ktorá schovala pred synom sladkosti do rúry, potom na ne zabudla a dala ju predohriať

A mom hides Halloween candy from kids in oven last night. Forgets. from mildlyinteresting

3. Ten moment, keď ľutuješ, že tvoje dieťa zjedlo celý obed

4. Ak máš deti, nikdy nenechávaj tampóny bez dozoru

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Tampons. Maya’s new favourite toy and my new monthly reminder that we could try for another baby 😳 👶🏼Sometimes it feels like no sooner have you pushed one out, that people start asking about the second. And there are lots of ‘opinions’ on when the best time to dive in again is. “Best to have them close in age”. “Better to get all the baby stuff over and done with”. “You don’t want to get your body back only to lose it again”. I’ve heard them all. Funny that none of them account for the fact that I still fall asleep on the tube/on the toilet/in the shower/at softplay daily. Nor that my abs still haven’t reacquainted themselves after pregnancy 1. My pelvic floor makes a bid for freedom most days. And I ‘fail’ daily at the simplest of Mum tasks (yesterday Maya shit straight onto the carpet because I forgot to put a nappy on 💩). Adding another helpless creature to the mix could be fatal for any one of us. Plus there’s the issue of me being selfish. Another baby means sacrificing date night. Work. Showering everyday. We even have a weekend away (ALONE) coming up. Am I ready to go back to sleepless nights and on-demand breast feeding? It’s a toughy. I’m in turmoil 🤰🏼vs💃🏼 When do you think the best time to start trying for another baby is? #babynumber2 #siblings #mumlife * * * * #ohheymama #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #mumsofinstagram #instamum #mummyblogger #honest #realparenting #babiesofinstagram #newmamalife #parenthood #funny #mummydiaries #mumquestions #mumfail

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5. Táto mamička, ktorá sa snažila svojej dcérke urobiť odliatok ručičky, no nevydalo…

6. Táto mamička, ktorá si myslela, že sušiť psí pelech v sušičke bude dobrý nápad

7. A táto, ktorá sa naivne domnievala, že plienka poslúži aj ako provizórny spodok plaviek…

8. Nikdy nenechávaj jesť svoju ratolesť špagety na sedačke, pokiaľ neplánuješ na druhý deň kupovať novú (alebo minimálne tepovať)

9. A pre istotu ani chlieb s arašidovým maslom pri tom, ako sa pozerá z okna

10. Táto mamina sa snažila odtrhnúť nitku na dcérinej bábike a dopadlo to… vražedne

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On Christmas Emery received a new American Girl Bitty Baby. Here is what NOT to do so you don't accidentally behead your child's new doll. The girls asked me to cut the string hanging from her neck. I thought it seemed odd, but figured maybe it was the string that held it in the box so it snipped it off. I gave Emery back her doll and she was rocking and adoring her new baby and then two seconds later her head fell to the floor! 😳 Todd immediately looked at me and knew whatever I did had caused this. OOPS!!! After we gained our composure (I won't say who was laughing and who was crying) Todd fixed her right up. Let's hope this doesn't happen again. So, DO NOT cut the string off of an American Girl doll! 😉 #itholdsthehead #yourwelcome #majormomfail

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11. Táto mamička zase urobila osudovú chybu – na chvíľu sa otočila

12. Dať corndog svojho dieťaťa do mikrovlnky na 8 minút asi tiež nebol nápad roka

13. Najkrajšie na deťoch je to, že keď im zabudneš dať plienku, ochotne ti to pripomenú

14. Mamička, ktorej nanuk skončil na tvári jej potomka

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• M U M F A I L • 🤦🏼‍♀️ Another #mummoment to cheer up all those mamas who might be having a tough Monday. Maya was only a couple weeks old when this happened. The chocolate had already totally melted by the time I noticed it on her tiny head… it must have been the first time I had taken my eyes off her since she was born 😳 Good to know that an almond Magnum has that kind of power over me. I briefly panicked about her having chocolate in her eyes (which were closed), then freaked out that her skin might melt straight off her face from a rare allergic reaction, and finally hit my husband for laughing at a potentially ‘life-threatening’ mistake. At some point during the silent husband-bashing (don’t wake the baby!), I realised I was behaving like a raving lunatic (aka new mother) and laughed uncontrollably at myself, for what was probably the first time in several sleep-deprived days 😂 #mumfail #mumlife #seethefunnyside * * * * #mumfailmonday #instamum #mumsofinstagram #newmamalife #mummyblogger #mumsstickingtogether #ohheymama #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #funny #funny #oops #magnum #positive #positivemotherhood #honestmama #brightbirths #brightbirthsmama #babiesofinstagram #mondaylaughs #monday #chinup #love

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15. Materstvo, obdobie, keď umývaš okná dvakrát denne

Grr Grr
Fuuj Fuuj
Fňuk Fňuk
Jeej Jeej
Uups Uups
Haha Haha
Woow Woow

Komentuj post a napíš, čo si o tom myslíš!


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